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From the planning of the design concept and products through manufacture, our comprehensive internal process guarantees our customers high quality and speedy OEM / ODM.

The process, from the first meeting to the final delivery

  • 1.Request
  • 2.Planning
    Market research, Concept definition, Materials collection, Design
  • 3.Discussion
    Concept confirmation, Materials selection, Discussion on design, function and image colors
  • 4.Design
    Original pattern development, Materials discussion, Prototype, Fitting check
  • 5.Presentation
    Explanation of concept and function, Information of materials, Comparing silhouettes, Disclosure of related data and color pallet
  • 6.Order
    Material arranging, Quality cheking, Pattern making, Size developing, Specifications of arranging manufacturing capacity
  • 7.Material procurement
    Labo dip(for color matching), Quality Inspection
  • 8.Manufacturing
    Material control, Pattern control, Sewing and quality control with consistent management at our own factories
  • 9.Inspection / Delivery
    Delivery to designted places

Design proposal

We listen to the customerʼs requests sincerely and propose the best design.

Material proposal

We work with a wide range of material manufactures, so we propose the most suitable material for any customer’s request.

Patter grading

We develop to the other sizes prototype size patterns.

Color check

According to the customer’s specifications, we check the color matching of material and sewing thread in our lightbox.

Thermal adhesion

The adhesive equipment that is used in the production factory is also available in the sample making room at the head office. We make samples and verify the strength thoroughly.

Processing of sewing machine attachments

We make original presser feet and binders in-house and address complicated sewing specifications.

Our Service