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Our track record of OEM/ODM in a wide range of fields.

Since our founding, we have received requests from customers in a wide range of industries and fields in Japan and overseas. We have provided consistent services from product development to mass production, from general women’s underwear and lingerie, including sports and medical underwear, to swimwear, fitness wear, masks, etc.
We will introduce some of Quadrille Nishida’s work.

Case study file 01

Front closure bras with no underwire for easier medical checkups


We designed a special brassiere for women’s health checkups.
Some women complained that they were struggling with the snap button on the front of a conventional bra and that the fabric texture felt uncomfortable, so we have selected special buttons, materials that are gentle on the skin, and improved sewing specifications.

Case study file 02

Two-piece bra Lacey


We developed the special two-piece brassiere to support women recovering from a mastectomy. It is the world’s first separable non-wire bra that was devised based on the experience of customers who survived breast or uterine cancer. When relaxing after a bath, breastfeding her baby, or being intimate with a partner, a woman can wear our product only on the side where she underwent a mastectomy in order to feel more comfy. This product has supported the minds and bodies of many women.

Case study file 03

Bias lift, Pelvic support with diagonal force
Shapewear/leggings for beautifully toned legs and good posture


In collaboration with Reiko Maki of Maki Creation Co., Ltd., we created thigh slimmer and leggings that can improve motility and comfort by adjusting the pelvis and correcting posture.

We obtained a patent for a new technique that supports the pelvis in its original position thanks to a diagonal lifting force relying on the muscles inside the thigh.

It is a very popular product that has been sold out twice on TV shopping QVC Japan because it is easy to walk and move just by wearing the leggings.

We make the most of our trusted group network to provide the best service and meet global needs.

Quadrille Nishida addresses a wide range of needs not only in Japan but also in overseas companies.
We have support staffs who are fluent in English and Chinese. You can smoothly communicate with us by phone or email and exchange any trade documents in those languages.
If you want to see the equipment of the factory, we can invite you to our own factory in China and Vietnam and guide you to the equipment and production lines. You can also proceed with business negotiations on the spot.
We have an abundant track record in planning and production of overseas standard products in Europe, America, China, and Vietnam.

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